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Coconut Mushroom Noodle Soup

Recipe by:
Bay Area Herbs Kitchen


Melt coconut oil in a large soup pot over medium heat. Saute onion and ginger (~1 minute). Add Chanterelle mushrooms and saute until starting to soften and brown (~3-5 minutes).

Add water and salt. Cover, raise heat and bring to a simmer.

Cut off woody stems from Enoki clusters (~the bottom 1/4 of cluster) so they separate. Stir tofu coconut milk, tamarind paste and Enoki into soup. Cook for another minute, just to warm through. Taste, adjust for seasoning.

Serve over cooked noodles and with desired toppings.

Notes: I use Chanterelle and Enoki mushrooms here but you're welcome to use other varieties depending on what you find and piques your interest. Recipe calls for rice noodles. Pictured is brown rice spaghetti, but I also like using the wider, flatter stir-fry/Pad Thai style brown rice (or white rice) noodles. Recipe also calls for tamarind paste. It's easy to find at Asian markets, health food stores, or online, depending on where you live. It hits the same tart/sour notes as lime, which you could substitute in a pinch.

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