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For nearly 20 years, we have supplied the US market with the finest specialty produce available. From fresh culinary herbs to baby vegetables, from edible flowers to specialty berries and fiddlehead ferns.We are privileged to work with the best growers in our industry. Unique packaging and efficient shipping methods have been perfected to ensure successful arrivals.Our team of produce professionals draws from the retail, foodservice, grower and wholesale sides of our industry. We take a team approach to customer service, aiming for perfection each and every day.Whether you cater to the consumer, chef or wholesaler, the specialty produce category will define your expertise in the eyes of your customer. Our mission is to partner with you as you strive to achieve your goals.
Culinary Haven
Bay Area Herbs & Specialties is located on the Golden Gate Produce Terminal in the culinary haven of San Francisco.This ideal location provides contact with the hottest culinary chefs.Our everyday programs include premium asparagus, french beans, baby squashes, whole baby carrots, and retail clamshell fresh herbs.Our growers have creatively helped propel the exciting development of both retail and foodservice segments.Our successful experience in packaging and distributing fresh specialty produce and herbs has earned us a reputation for delivering the best.
The End Result: Satisfaction
Every Time
Most importantly, our combined expertise and quick inventory turnaround provide you with a satisfied customer every time.
Our Sustainability Promise
The Golden Gate Product Market, the largest and busiest produce terminal in Northern California, today announced the completion of a major upgrade to the facility that included a series of infrastructure, environmental, food safety and traffic improvements.

The enhancements include installation of solar panels for the entire market, energy efficiency upgrades, improved cold chain food storage management and worker safety systems, as well as smoother traffic flow within the facility, which is a mile from San Francisco International Airport on Highway 101.

“The improvements to the Golden Gate Producer Market set the stage for our continued success for decades to come,” said Peter Carcione, President of the Golden Gate Produce Market. “These investments expand our capability to deliver the highest-quality fruits, vegetables and specialty produce to deliver to business and consumers across Northern California.”
Food Safety Program -
Company-Wide Participation

Food safety is our number 1 concern. Bay Area Herbs has taken the extra steps to remain HACCP and COOL compliant. Further, we are verified by an independent third party auditor, upholding stringent food safety standards.

Approved Vendors. Whenever possible, product is purchased from approved vendors.
Approved vendors must comply with a bona fide food safety program and third party certification where applicable.

Good Agricultural and Manufacturing Practices. Whenever possible, growers are favored who emphasize Good Agricultural, Harvesting and Manufacturing Practices.

HACCP Program.
Key Managers have been trained in HACCP. All employees have the authority and responsibility to take corrective action, should a food safety issue or procedure require it.

Third Party Audit Certification. Bay Area Herbs & Specialties has retained Primus Labs to consult, monitor and audit the company on all aspects of food safety including GMP's, HACCP, product recall and food safety. Additionally, we have gone one step further to request an independent food safety audit to verify and score our performance, passing this audit with high marks - now making us the largest packer, distributor and marketer of specialty produce and herbs with this prestigious designation!

Record Keeping. Bay Area Herbs & Specialties keeps on file approved vendor HACCP programs, third party certification and food safety statements. Purchase order logs are maintained and archived for a minimum of one year.
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