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Mixed Berry Nutty Crumble

Recipe by:
Katie Schmidt, MPH, INHC


Notes: This recipe works with fresh or frozen and defrosted berries. Once defrosted, reserve 1/4 cup / 60 ml of the juice, and drain away the rest. This dessert is not very sweet. I prefer to let the sweet-tartness of the berries and buttery richness of the nut topping shine through. Plus topping with ice cream or coconut yogurt adds sweetness. But adjust accordingly, if needed and depending on the tartness of your berries.

  • Preheat oven to 350 F / 180 C
  • Use a silicone spatula or large wooden spoon to gently mix berries with arrowroot, lemon and maple, folding from the bottom up. If using frozen, defrosted berries, first whisk arrowroot, lemon and maple into reserved 1/4 cup juice. Fold in berries. Set aside while making crumble.
  • In a small food processor, pulse pecans to a course crumb. Empty into a medium mixing bowl. Add shredded or flaked coconut to the food processor (no need to clean the bowl) and pulse to a fine crumb. Empty into bowl with pecans. Add almond flour, cinnamon, and salt to pecans and coconut. Mix, then add melted oil and maple syrup. Stir well and use the back of your spoon or flat side of spatula (or your hand) to firmly press down on mixture so it begins to stick together. Keep stirring and pressing. It takes a minute for the almond flour to absorb the liquid and begin sticking. If it's not sticking, add an extra tablespoon of oil.
  • Assemble crumble: Stir berry mixture once more, then pour into 9x11 inch baking dish (or 6-8 ramekins). Form large clumps of crumble in your hand and drop larger and smaller pieces of the clumps over berries until they're mostly covered. Bake for 30 minutes, or until berries are bubbling and crumble is golden brown. Ramekins will take 20-25 minutes, depending on exact size.

This is a recipe by
Katie Schmidt, MPH, INHC
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